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Wow, this piece is very eye-catching. When I first clicked on it, I didn't realize it was a reflection until I saw the girl. Normally, I would say someone needs to put more ripples and play on the light of the water more yada yada but that's not the case here. I feel like it's the fact the water IS practically a mirror that makes it so interesting.

You did an amazing job with the detail and the perspective, and I feel like I can stare into the reflection picking out all the little things. (even if this isn't one of those big big detail pieces)

The color scheme fits the mood, I like it. It gives a nice soft glow, compliments the girl nicely. I find myself feeling like she's grieving for some reason. Perhaps because the colors tend to add that sombre mood to it all. It lacks that popping light artists like apofiss or yuumei play on, and maybe it could use more of a highlight here and there but I think it delivers the mood excellently. (I'm probably just so used to seeing things like that, that this is a bit different to me)

Overall, it somewhat reminds me of a through the looking glass type thing, with a beautifully executed sombre (is that the word I'm looking for?) mood and a very interesting reflection. I'll definitely be looking through your gallery after this :D
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Reluin Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2013
Hi, thanks very much for taking the time to write this, sorry for my late reply!
I will be working on the light just trying to make it a bit more interesting, so thanks for pointing that out. I love the through the looking glass thought, and I'm really glad that piece looks good to you!
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